About us

Armenian Travertine Mining Company (ATMC) produces high-quality tiles and decors made of Armenian travertine and other natural stones, which are widely applied for both external and internal decoration of buildings.

One of the world’s largest travertine quarries is located in Armenia. ATMC runs travertine quarry in the country with a reserve totaling 1 142 400 m3, as well as carries out processing of end products, tiles and construction materials. This enables to combine the whole production process in one system and introduce a more flexible pricing policy.

One of the company’s key goals is to set production in compliance with international quality stan-dards, as well as offer products to the international market made of natural resources of Armenia by combining traditional and modern methods of processing. For that reason ATMC uses facilities and equipment produced by world famous companies.

The processing plant of ATMC with an overall territory of 30.000sq.m is sited in Yerevan. Production and administrative premises cover correspondingly 7.200sq.m and 1.500sq.m. A new modern production line, produced by the Italian company GASPARI MENOTTI, was introduced in 2008 for tile and natural stone processing. The plant annual output is 170 000 m3.

We are happy to consider and discuss business offers, as reliable and well-established cooperation is our main goal.