About Basalt

Bazalt is an igneous volcanic rock. The name is probably derived from the Greek βασικός – «main», or, according to another version, from the Ethiopian basal (bselt, bsalt) – «boiling», «ferrous stone». Basalt is very resistant to weather and is therefore often used for exterior decoration of buildings and for the manufacture of sculptures installed outdoors and as a building and cladding material, including paving. Currently, the market of production of  basalt fiber reinforcement is being developed intensively.

Basalt from Armenia: material advantages

Basalt is waterproof and resistant to various kinds of influence. Due to its porosity, it has a low weight, so lining walls inside or outside of the buildings does not create a large load on the foundation. The physical and chemical properties of Armenian basalt are the same as the characteristics of this stone in other countries. Armenia is rich in grey basalt, which is familiar to everyone but also has a more rare one – pink basalt.

We offer tiles and decors from basalt of various processing types. Our experts will be happy to advise on the required quantity, features of processing and the cost of the necessary stone product.

Grey Basalt
Cut-calibrated and Polished Basalt tiles